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Excorp Medical's Bioartificial Liver System comprises a reusable instrument, disposable tubing set and the proprietary, disposable bioartificail reactor.Once approved by regulatory agencies, Excorp Medical expects this breakthrough Bioartificial Liver System technology to be both live-saving and cost effective.Certain drugs or machines are available to substitute temporarily or long-term for many organs in the body…  no comparable substitute has been developed for the liver.The liver is the largest organ in the body and performs a variety of tasks impacting all body systems… as a result liver disease has widespread effects on virtually all other organs.Excorp Medical is currently the only company approved to conduct bioartificial liver human trials within the U.S.Currently patients must receive a liver transplant or endure prolonged hospitalization at great expense to have a chance at survival.Excorp Medical Bioartificial Liver System treatments serve as a bridge to liver regeneration and transplantExcorp Medical has developed a Bioartificial Liver System for the metabolic support of patients with compromised liver function.
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Excorp Medical. Inc.
Technical Advisory Council
Excorp Medical (HK) Ltd.
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Excorp Medical, Inc.
Wu’Xi Excorp
Biotech Co., Ltd


Excorp Medical, Inc.

Executive Staff

Daniel G. Miller, Ph.D., President, CEO and Director has been President of Excorp Medical, Inc. since inception. He is also the Chairman and General Manager of Wu'xi Excorp Biotech Co. Ltd. in Wu'xi, Jiangsu Province, China and a Director of Excorp Medical (HK), Ltd., in Hong Kong. Dr. Miller was President and Chief Operating Officer of Regenerex, Inc., a private company engaged in bioartificial liver research from January 1994 through August 1995. From May 1988 to July 1993 he was first Director and then Vice President for Research & Development at DIANON Systems, Inc., a public company providing laboratory services and information products to physicians in oncology and gynecology. Dr. Miller's responsibilities at DIANON included strategic planning, new product introduction, technology transfer, regulatory affairs and quality assurance. Revenues at DIANON grew from less than $10 million to more than $40 million during his association with that company which completed its initial public offering in 1991 and was subsequently acquired by LabCorp for approximately $600 million. He has also held various technical management positions at 3M Company including that of Laboratory Manager for Biotechnology. From 2006 through April 2012, Dr. Miller was a member of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Private College Council, representing the leading liberal arts colleges in Minnesota. He was also a delegate with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's Mission to China in November, 2005. He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in Chemistry from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Eileen F. Bostwick, Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical, Regulatory and Quality Affairs, a consultant, s a senior regulatory and clinical affairs executive experienced in developing human biopharmaceutical products from preclinical research through early stage clinical trials, and through regulatory approval and licensure for veterinary therapeutic biologicals. Previously Dr. Bostwick was Vice President, Research and Development and one of the founders of GalaGen, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of biologically active proteins from cow's milk for human health applications. More recently she held the position of Vice President Development and Quality Control at Avaxia Biologics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnoloty company in the growing field of orally-administered gut-targeted therapeutics. Dr. Bostwick managed preclinical and clinical research programs, and had quality assurance and regulatory affairs responsibilities. She also had experience at the 3M Company involved in medical device development and technical support for various internal health care groups. Dr. Bostwick earned her Ph.D. in Physiology, with minors in pharmacology and immunology, from the University of Minnesota, holds 4 issued US and 2 international patents and has authored 18 peer reviewed journal articles. back to top

Craig L. Van Kampen, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Development and Manufacturing, a consultant, is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Wu’xi Excorp Biotech Co., Ltd. Dr. Van Kampen is a seasoned R&D executive with experience in implantable medical devices ranging from orthopedics to surgical products and the corresponding biomaterials. He has been a consultant to the company since August 2001. From 1993-1998, he was the R&D Director of the Center for Biomaterials Research at Medtronic, which is the world's leading medical device company. From 1977-1993, he was with 3M in their Health Care Divisions and Life Sciences Sector Laboratory. Dr. Van Kampen has extensive experience in all aspects of implant device research and development, including clinical evaluation, FDA approval, and new product introduction. Dr. Van Kampen received his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering in 1977 and his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering in 1973, both from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, holds 10 patents for various implant devices and surgical instruments, authored over 20 publications and 3 book chapters. back to top

James Stout, BS, MQM, JD, Vice President, Quality Systems, a consultant, earned a Masters of Quality Management from Loyola University (New Orleans), trained as an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor by TÜV Cert., and studied for a Six Sigma at the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He has many years of experience developing quality systems for venture backed startups in the bioscience, medical device and related fields. From 2002 to 2010, Mr. Stout worked as a private consultant with clients in Hong Kong and China interested in aligning their quality systems to international standards. He is Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Medical Device and Healthcare Industries Association. Previously, he worked in the Office of the General Counsel, Millipore Corporation. Mr. Stout earned his BS in Biological Sciences from Lowell Technological Institute and Doctor of Jurisprudence from Suffolk University. back to top

Thakur Ramesh Singh Chouhan, MD, FICMCH, PhD., PhD., D.Sc. FIISE, FIPE, MOIF(Cambridge), Vice President, Clinical Programs, India. Dr. Chouhan has actively pursued the development of a commercially viable bioartificial liver system for over a decade. He received his medical training at the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry, India and has an active oncology practice. Dr. Chouhan is committed to bringing key life-saving technologies to India. He is the founder of Terascannings, Ltd., a medical imaging company based on Terahertz light - the first to introduce Terahertz in India. He previously held the post of President, Technology, Matrix Group, Hyderabad, involved in the production and sale of biological agents in medicine and agriculture. He was the Director of the joint venture between Matrix and Ethica, a Canada-based clinical research organization, Dean of Deccan Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) and Professor of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology at Dr.MGR University, Chennai.

Dr. Chouhan’s first Ph.D. was under Nobel Laureate Dr. Douglas Dean. At JIPMER, he started his career as Research Officer & Co-Investigator, conducting studies on the detection of ovulation and the early detection of cancer using bio-electrography. His research on electrometry of cancer, cell stimulation through EMR, cell de-differentiation and guided re-differentiation, stem cell transformation from adult tissues preceded the field now known as Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. The work explored the in vitro transformation of adult human epithelial cells to neurons and other tissues and helped to define the concept of gene reprogramming in 1986. He was also one of the first to demonstrate use of micro electric currents in the treatment of cancer and the use of Ricin and Abrin conjugates as tissue specific targeted anti-cancer molecules.

He was a nominee for the Young Scientist Award by The Indian National Science Academy in 1988 and the recipient of the “Diptimandala Anusandhana” Award of the Vishwa Yoga Samaj in 1989. An engaging speaker Chouhan has addressed audiences around the world including the United Nations. He is the co-founder of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bio Electrography in 1978. As a humanist, he co-founded the International Children’s Peace Council and is the founder of Himabindu Foundation involved in holistic approach to human health. Dr. Chouhan is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Production Engineering and of the Indian Institute of Safety and Environment. back to top

Jin Hong, BA, HEMP, Managing Director, East Asia, a consultant, earned his bachelor of arts from New York University in biology and philosophy, with a minor in chemistry. He further studied at NYU, Stern Business School for marketing and management and then to the Executive Management Program at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Hong has had a diverse career, holding senior executive positions starting from ALLTEL Information Services and CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) both in banking IT, followed by new business development directions in the Korean conglomerates, Orion Group and HyundaiCard, where he served as COO and Vice President respectively. Mr. Hong is also the Founder of FSG Holdings in Korea primarily focused on disruptive technology, marketing and branding. back to top

In addition to Dr. Miller, the following are Directors of Excorp Medical, Inc.

Peter A. Fisher, Director, has served on the Board of Directors of the Company since January, 1996. He was the founder of Lenders Appraisal Services, Inc. and its President from 1981 thru 1992. He also founded Minnesota Appraisal Services, Inc., another Minnesota firm, engaged in the appraisal of real estate for private and governmental lending agencies including the Federal Government and has been its president for over 30 years. Previously, Mr. Fisher was employed in senior management positions by several large savings and loan associations, including Northern Federal Savings and Loan, and in commercial mortgage and real estate appraisal operations by Burlington Northern Railroad. back to top

Gerald W. Simonson, Director, is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Omnetics Connector Corporation, a manufacturer of microminiature connectors, a position he has held since March, 1991. Mr. Simonson has been a Director of the Company since February, 1999. Currently Mr. Simonson is Director for Ikonics Corporation. He has previously served as Director of Medtronic, a world-wide leader in medical devices and as Director for Fairview Hospital and Healthcare Services. Mr. Simonson is a CPA by training. back to top

Technical Advisory Council

The following scientists and physicians serve on the Company’s Technical Advisory Council and are actively engaged in the laboratory, animal and human clinical studies of the Company’s bio-artificial liver system.

Jack Patzer, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, has a primary appointment in the Department of Surgery (TE Starzl Transplantation Institute) where he serves as the Coordinator of the Bioartificial Liver Program and a secondary appointment in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. He is actively involved in the laboratory, preclinical, and clinical evaluation of metabolic artificial organs. Dr. Patzer research involves the application of reaction engineering, transport phenomena, lectrochemistry, and metabolic catalysis in biomedical approaches to internal organ regeneration and function replacement.

In 1986, Dr. Patzer first joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, after spending ten years with Gulf Research and Development Company where he was a Staff Engineer leading research teams in the development of heavy oil and synthetic fuels processes. Since joining the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Patzer has led funded research projects in the development of a portable artificial kidney, implantable glucose sensor for an implantable artificial pancreas, and, most recently, development of a cell-based bioartificial liver support system to support patients with acute liver failure.

Dr. Patzer has been featured in several publications for his works. Through his leadership in the Bioartificial Liver Program in the Thomas E Starzl Transplantation Institute, he is involved in a large interdisciplinary team dedicated to bringing extracorporeal liver support to patients with acute liver failure. Those projects in which Dr. Patzer is currently involved include:

• Cell-based metabolic liver support systems
• Detoxification methods in support of acute liver failure
• Metabolic liver support in split liver transplantations
• Mitigation of transplant associated reperfusion injury

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George Mazariegos, M.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and Surgical Director of the Liver Transplant service of the University of Pittsburgh. He is also Director of Transplantation Surgery at Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mazariegos led the preclinical animal studies of the Company’s system and conducted the evaluation of the bio-artificial liver system in the Phase I/II human clinical trial in the US.

Dr. Mazariegos, is a pediatric liver and intestine transplant surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute. He earned his medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL. and served his residency in general surgery at Spectrum Health, Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI, and fellowships in surgical critical care and hepatic and multivisceral transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1992, Dr. Mazariegos was the Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training Program Fellow of the Year at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He joined the University of Pittsburgh of Medicine in 1994.

Dr. Mazariegos is an active pediatric liver and intestinal transplant surgeon. His main clinical interests are focused on the care of pediatric patients who have liver and/or intestinal disease requiring transplantation. He also specializes on treatment of adult and pediatric patients who develop acute liver failure and who may require specialized liver support therapies until they recover or until donor organs are available.

Dr. Mazariegos is leading clinical efforts to evaluate lowering or withdrawal of immunosuppression in long term liver transplant recipients in order to maximize quality of life and minimize post transplant complications. In collaboration with colleagues at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, Dr. Mazariegos is conducting analysis of immunologic characteristics of patients successfully withdrawn from immunosuppression. This study, sponsored by the Immune Tolerance Network, is attempting to develop a “tolerance assay” which can be used to prospectively characterize patients who may be candidates for less immunosuppression. back to top

Excorp Medical (HK) Ltd
(Founding Member - Excorp Medical, Inc.)

Directors of Excorp Medical (HK), Ltd.

In addition to Dr. Miller, the following is a director of Excorp Medical (HK), Ltd.

Li, Kenneth Jun Tao, PhD., D.Sp., (aka Kenneth Hoi-Kau LEE), Director. A biochemist trained in Canada, Dr Li holds a Ph.D from McGill University at Montreal and a Doctorat de Specialite in Biochime from the Universite de Lyon, France and a B.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Li currently is the Senior Vice President of Jiwa Biopharm Holdings Limited, responsible for international market development for bulk pharmaceutics and finished dosage forms as well as overall management of R&D activities and international collaboration of product in-licensing for the China market.

Prior to joining Jiwa, Dr. Li served as senior consultant for Pacific Life Science of Harmony Asset Limited, COO for Bio-Cancer Treatment International Ltd. (BCT), CEO of GeneTech Pharma Group Limited (GTP) and CSO of Life-Tec Group Limited, each with a different scope of responsibilities in scientific, operational and business strategic management.

As a well-established biopharmaceutical expert with over two decade of experience, Dr. Li was nominated as Assistant Director, School of Chinese Medicine at Hong Kong University in 2001. For the past six years since 2002, Dr. Li has served the local biotech community as a member of the Assessment Panel, Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Program, Innovation & Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government. back to top

Secretary of the Board: Boardroom Corporate Services (HK) Limited

Wu’Xi Excorp Biotech Co., Ltd

In addition to Dr. Miller being Chairman and General Manager, Dr. Van Kampen leads the Supervisory Board back to top

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