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Excorp Medical's Bioartificial Liver System comprises a reusable instrument, disposable tubing set and the proprietary, disposable bioartificail reactor.Once approved by regulatory agencies, Excorp Medical expects this breakthrough Bioartificial Liver System technology to be both live-saving and cost effective.Certain drugs or machines are available to substitute temporarily or long-term for many organs in the body…  no comparable substitute has been developed for the liver.The liver is the largest organ in the body and performs a variety of tasks impacting all body systems… as a result liver disease has widespread effects on virtually all other organs.Excorp Medical is currently the only company approved to conduct bioartificial liver human trials within the U.S.Currently patients must receive a liver transplant or endure prolonged hospitalization at great expense to have a chance at survival.Excorp Medical Bioartificial Liver System treatments serve as a bridge to liver regeneration and transplantExcorp Medical has developed a Bioartificial Liver System for the metabolic support of patients with compromised liver function.
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Clinical Trials


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Phase I/II

Patients in Acute and Acute-on-Chronic liver failure - irrespective of underlying cause or etiology - are to be enrolled in the Phase I/II clinical trial. The primary entrance criterion is hepatic coma progressing beyond Parson's Grade II. Patients will have received or be receiving all standard care for acute liver failure and any attendant multiple organ involvement. Although Phase I/II studies are primarily concerned with safety, data are also collected which might help define efficacy in the future Phase III clinical study. This information includes comprehensive metabolic and physiological parameters related to liver failure.

Excorp Medical anticipates the Phase III efficacy study will be conducted in 6 centers in the US and involve up to 150 patients. Endpoints will comprise a series of physiological and metabolic parameters. In addition to the clinical measurements, patients' quality of life and return to work outcomes will be measured to compare cost-effectiveness to current treatment options.

Hong Kong

  • Lead investigators selected
  • Protocol development ongoing with Hong Kong University
    and the Clinical Trial Centre

Mainland China

  • Lead investigators selected
  • Protocol and clinical sites selection to be completed

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clinical trials
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