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Excorp Medical's Bioartificial Liver System comprises a reusable instrument, disposable tubing set and the proprietary, disposable bioartificail reactor.Once approved by regulatory agencies, Excorp Medical expects this breakthrough Bioartificial Liver System technology to be both live-saving and cost effective.Certain drugs or machines are available to substitute temporarily or long-term for many organs in the body…  no comparable substitute has been developed for the liver.The liver is the largest organ in the body and performs a variety of tasks impacting all body systems… as a result liver disease has widespread effects on virtually all other organs.Excorp Medical is currently the only company approved to conduct bioartificial liver human trials within the U.S.Currently patients must receive a liver transplant or endure prolonged hospitalization at great expense to have a chance at survival.Excorp Medical Bioartificial Liver System treatments serve as a bridge to liver regeneration and transplantExcorp Medical has developed a Bioartificial Liver System for the metabolic support of patients with compromised liver function.
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Excorp Medical, Inc., established November 22, 1995, is a Corporation headquartered and registered in the state of Minnesota in the US. The near term goal of Excorp Medical, Inc. and its entities is to provide a profitable, cost effective, temporary liver assist system for patients in acute liver failure supporting a patient’s own liver regeneration or until a liver transplant can be performed.

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